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Post  Admin on 2011-08-16, 06:26

To all users of this forum :

This is a Family orientated Board and is there for set up as such and is moderated as such. It is for the use of members and families and misc Guests of the board there in.
The use of , profanity , harassment / and or abuse of its members will not be tolerated by the Admin and will result in Board warnings.
The accumulation of (2 total ) warnings will result in you being suspended from the board for a total of No less then ( 30 days ) and continued abuse, harassment or not appropriate post will result in your membership being Banned.

You must be 18 years or older to be on our forum and own or drive a Jeep or 4x4.

The admin and appointed moderators : reserve the right to delete and Edit all postings deemed abusive and or inappropriate for the board and its users.

As a user of this board you are free to exchange information , conversation , pics , etc and we Greatly encourage you to do so.

The board is open for use single registered members , Clubs , organizations.( however moderated )

Terms of use violations :
Since this Forum is owned and operated by Black Sheep 4x4s and is the paid property. No club or individual has the authority to dictate to any user of the forum except for the forum Admin or the forum Moderators.

You must have your profile filled out with in 48 hours after your activation email or it will be removed.

We will not allow trash talking of any person or clubs on our forum!
No cursing at any time!
You will be removed at once!
You must log in at least every 30 days or your account will be locked.
2nd accounts(wife, children)must log in with in 14 days or will be locked and a $5.00 fee to unlock will be charged.

Please go to New Members say Hi! [url=http://4wheelchat.forumotion.com/f19-new-members-say-hi  http://4wheelchat.forumotion.com/f19-new-members-say-hi  [/url] and introduces your self.

If you log in 2 times with in the 48 hour period your account will be locked if the above is not completed.
Or set up your account with in 3 days of getting the authorized email from Admin.

No use of forum members addresses or real name to be posted at any time.

If you deleted your account from our forum the account and user can not  be back on our forum for any reason.

Banning members : the Admin & Moderators has the right to Ban and or suspend under violation of " terms of use " ONLY.
or as per personal request of a user can have his or her membership deactivated . in order for a user to be Banned the Admin or Moderators think they have Violated the " Terms of use " of the forum Only .

To all users please enjoy use of the forum and we welcome your participation.

This forum is for Entertainment Purposes Only.


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